Trelagliptin succinate
    Nintedanib ethanesulfonate
    Eltrombopag Olamine
    Abiraterone acetate
    Ulipristal acetate

    Melitracen hydrochloride Intermediates
    Selexipag intermediates
    LCZ696 Intermediates
    Ezetimibe intermediates
    Trelagliptin succinate intermediates
    Omarigliptin intermediates
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Research of new process of synthesis of key intermediate of Dronedarone
About Us
Chengdu D-Innovation Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a professional company engaging in the research, development and manufacturing of API and Intermediates. We have a senior technical team with extremely rich experiences in the field of R&D of new products of API and Intermediates. Our primary objective is to improving and optimizing the processes of API and Intermediates.
We aim to be an enterprise of double-innovation of technology. Our main products now are Abiraterone Acetate, Abiraterone Acetate intermediates, Uliprisnil acetate, Uliprisnil acetate intermediates, CDB2914, CDB2914 intermediates , Lacosamide, lacosamide Intermediates, minodronic acid, minodronic Intermediates.

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